Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Finally Back Playing

After pretty much taking June & July off from Poker mainly through Work Committments etc, I am finally back playing poker and have got a fair few hands in this month so far.

I'm kind of easing myself back into the habit of playing and working at the game this month with a view to having a serious go at things in September.

I have this week off so am planning to work at lots of different things if I can tear myself from the Olympics and the awesome performance of the GB Team so far, we're even winning Track & Field medals now which weren't in the script.

One of the main area's I want to look at is my lack of Non Showdown Winnings because its currently a progressive line the wrong way, although whether thats something that I can do anything about because of my playing style I'm not sure - 19/17 this month and its probably easier to flatten this line out if I was playing a looser style.

Willie tells me I have been in a video he's seen so will have to check that out and hopefully take a few things from it. Don't know which site its on yet though.

Going to also get back in the habit of blogging and got some serious catching up to do.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Still Here

Believe it or not I'm still here.

As I thought it would, work has gone absolutely crazy throughout most of June for various reasons and Poker has very much been on the back burner as a result I have hardly played.

I'm away on a golfing weekend for the next 4 days but then I'm off all next week and things should hopefully calm down a bit after that giving me chance to play some poker and also Study.

The few times I have played I've just played some MTT's in the main because I would rather play cash when I can have a sustained run of playing instead of 1 day here and 1 day there.

Good luck all

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Live Game Report & May Results

As I mentioned in my last post, I played my first ever live game last week as part of the UKFF Forum I belong to. I know its took a while to update but I've been that busy with work and other things that I've not really been online that much.

One thing for sure is that it won't be my last live game because I had a great time although how much that was due to the people and the common theme we had I don't know. It was good to put names to faces.

There were 36 of us who played in a double chance freezeout 6000 chips total with half an hour levels. The tournament lasted over 12 hours. Not sure how with only 36 players but there you go. I ended up finishing 12th when down to 8/9 BB's, I lost in an AJ v 2's Race where I didn't improve. I did have one major piece of luck alot earlier when down to about 4/5 BB's when I rivered a 3 for my A3 to get the better of AK.

On to May, the results I've shown are those since I was back playing after around 20th of MAy almost exclusively ay 25nl other than 1 session where I automatically joined a 50NL table without thinking: -

I've not really had too much of an opportunity to play of late which is probably going to be the case for June as well so this is too small a sample size. One area I've been looking at is my play from the BB in particular my Fold to Steal %. Before I had a review session with Pete, this was running at over 90% over the few hands I've played of late, this is now down to 84% which is kind of where I want to be. I was also losing far too much from the blinds which should hopefully improve over time: -

Nothing really stands out that I can see positionally, probably too small a sample size to look at, we'll see at the end of June how things are.

I've also played a bit of HU which I'm going to continue to do but nothing really to report there as only played a few hands.

June Goals

I'm really not sure how much I'll be able to play in June due to a number of various factor's so not going to set any goals in regards to hands etc. I want to look more at a couple of area's I need to work on which are as follows: -

Continue with what I am doing on the BB
Revisit C-betting and get that worked into my game correctly
Look at Non Showdown pots because this is where I lose alot of money - connected to c-betting
Hand/Table analysis which is where the HU will come in.
Get back posting hands in here and on the forums
Get back into the habit of reading and commenting on other blogs which has suffered alot of late as well as my updating due to lack of time.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Poker and Live Poker Debut

Since my last post, I took a break from the cash games for over a week. I have been back playing this week but is has been a bit stop start for one reason or another. Champions League Final, Golf, work etc. Any way I've made a few changes although not as many as I'd like at this stage but don't want to try and change everything at once as it won't all sink in. I'm going to add things in gradually. Here's what I'm doing at the moment: -

  • I had a very useful and eye opening PT review with Pete and there were a couple of things that he pointed out that were pretty easy fixes namely Table Selection and Folding to Steal Attempts from the Blinds. I wasn't playing back enough even with good hands. My fold to steal from the BB was about 92% for example. I've started playing back at people a bit more and it seems to be having a positive affect at the moment although I don't have enough of a sample size as yet to make a proper judgement.
  • I've dropped back down to 25Nl whilst I get my game in a better shape particularly post flop.
  • Table Selection is an ongoing process and I'm not there yet although I am getting better. My big problem is staying at tables too long if the dynamics change and a good table becomes bad.
  • Another area where I am starting to do some work is in the area of C-betting as I'm doing this too much from the wrong spots and causing myself problems.
  • I've started playing some HU cash as well on I Poker as FT doesn't have any HU tables below 50NL that I've found and thats too high a level for me. The reason for doing this is two fold in that I want to use it to help with my hand reading etc which is very weak and also as a change from 6 max,
I have been playing a few more MTT'S/STT's of late as well and I'm doing ok in them. No big MTT cashes but haven't been far away on a couple of them from going deep.

I'm a member of a UK Football Fans Poker Forum (link is on the right) and they are having a live game today up in a Casino in the Stoke Area - about 70 miles from here. I luckily managed to win a seat via a satellite although I would have paid the entry fee in any case. This will be the first time I will have played live and I'm looking forward to it not to mention the beer afterwards. Updates in next post.

Finally, Dodgy has posted a couple of posts lately about how he analyses his game etc which are well worth a read.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Don't Think Much To May

Some how so far this month, I've contrived to lose 10 buy ins through various means mainly my poor play and my inability to hit anything.

I've not tilted at all, but am not even thinking about playing a cash table for the next week or so.

Going to watch as many video's as is possible and review pretty much every hand I've played this month.

I'm also going to come up with a strategy for the future i.e. play/study timetable type of plan

Saturday, 3 May 2008

April Results - Sort of

Robert/Willie I replied to your comments on my last post in the comments section of that post.

Here's the graph for April booked a small profit and it shows the normal consistently inconsistent trend. Just shows I have a long way to go I guess.

I thought I played quite well in April although need to understand why I have so many downward trends because its more than just variance.

At this moment in time, I can't post the PT Stats because I'm getting whenever I try and open it up I am getting the message "Are you sure you want to completely remove Poker Tracker and all its components." I'll post them if I can get this issue fixed although not too sure at the moment how to do so. The data's there somewhere otherwise I wouldn't be able to upload the graph!

May Goals

Start using PT3 especially as they have now added IPoker in there latest release which means both my main sites are now covered. (At the moment I have an error importing FT observed hands so I want to get that sorted before using it properly.

Make a concerted effort on following the action and reading players probably dropping down a table or 2 for the short term. This is the no1 aim for the month

Do a better job at studying and self analysis as I've let this slip of late.

Continue the work I'm doing on Top Pair type hands and letting them go.

Start focussing on the Turn/River


Following on from my previous post, we lost and are in deep trouble with one game left and have by far the hardest match of any team who can still get relegated. Even worse Sky are showing the game live and we're useless (more than usual) whenever we're live.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Poker, Football & Other Assorted Ramblings


That's the last time I comment about any results mid month because for about a week after that I barely won a hand. Variance at work at its best I guess plus I played really badly at times and got a bit complacent. This week has been better mainly because I've played more like the standard required.

As a bit of a change and because I enjoy them, I've been playing a few MTT's this week. Had a few cashes not to any great extent but I think I'll continue for a few more days yet because I'm getting a bit stale with cash at the moment and I've got a few things I want to look at away from the tables.

The area's of my game which I need to work on in my opinion currently are: -

  • Overplaying hands where I have 1 pair
  • Sort out what I am doing on the Turn/River because the turn is a big leak for me
  • Stop calling people down when I am probably beaten and know it
  • Unsuited Connector's - do I stop playing them altogether. Since the start of the year this has been a big losing set of hands for me and I'm starting to think there just not worth it - I'm currently putting something together for these involving the Replayer so will have a detailed post shortly
  • Hand reading, Table analysis and following the action better. I've never been any good at these and its an area I need to focus on quite drastically if I want to take my game to the next level.
  • Playing multi player pots
  • 3/4 bet hands
That pretty much covers it!!!!


I've mentioned this in the past but I am a massive Leicester City fan. In the late 90's/ early 2000's we spent a few seasons in the Premier League doing ok competing for the most part with the likes of Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal, usually finishing mid table and winning the League Cup twice in 4 years and being runner's up in another year. This success was due mainly to the Manager we had at the time - Martin O'Neill and the way he was able to get a team without the talent of clubs with more resources to play above themselves and build up an incredible team spirit. Since he left to go onto Celtic and now Aston Villa the club has fallen apart. We are now in the 2nd tier of English football and have been fighting relegation from that league for the past few years. We have never played in a league lower than the one we're in at the moment but it was looking bleak at one point nutil recently. Today we have the biggest game we have had in a long time and its a 32,000 total sell out. We play Sheffield Wednesday who are below us in the League. If we win we're safe and can build for next season. If we draw and results go our way we're also safe. If the unthinkable happens and we lose then we are in desperate trouble.

Other Stuff

Fuel prices in the UK and the rest of the World are going crazy at the minute. In the UK, we are paying £1.10 for a litre of unleaded petrol and most of that is in taxes. In addition to that, a major refinerty in Scotland has been shut down due to industrial action reducing the available supply and probably resulting in prices going up even more and this will probably mean in time if things continue that people won't be able to afford to travel anywhere as the Public Transport system in this country is an absolute joke. For instance if I wanted to get a train to work which is about 25 miles away, I have to get 3 trains which are not frequent and I live in a city which is on a mainline to London. With the profits the oil companies are making and the money that the Government are making, from us, then something needs to be done and quickly. In addition food prices are substantially higher than a year ago and people are going to start panic buying for alot of things.

Ok that's it moan over.